I’m Senator Pat Bates, it has been my pleasure to serve the public as an elected official for more than 30 years, most recently as a California State Senator. I’m running for Secretary of State because I believe that our elections process is the most important component of our democracy and we must protect it at all costs.

We have seen across the nation how important our election processes are and how there is increasing suspicion regarding whether or not our leaders are doing their utmost to protect the integrity of our elections.

The Secretary of State’s office shouldn’t be run by partisan operatives with an agenda, but by a guardian who will fight to ensure every vote by an eligible voter is counted.

My promise to you is that as your next Secretary of State I will make it my mission to fight for Californians and to make our Secretary of State’s office the envy of the Country and ensure that every eligible vote is protected.

Thank you,

Pat Bates

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