I Support Pat Bates for Secretary of State!


Increase Campaign Transparency

The Secretary of State’s office is in charge of organizing and reporting campaign finance reports and lobbying activity. However, the technology and infrastructure used to get the information out to the public is outdated and in need of upgrading.

Protect Election Integrity – Clean Our Voter Rolls

We must clean our voter rolls so that only individuals who are eligible to vote are receiving a ballot and are casting it. I will work to make sure the county registrars have an advocate for them and will work to provide guidance to enforce processes and laws so that only registered voters are allowed to vote.

Encourage Voter Participation

The sign of a healthy Democracy begins with voter participation. California has more registered voters than at any point in history. We must continue to encourage participation and be involved in getting eligible voters to the polls.

Streamline Business Filing Processes

The Secretary of State’s office is in charge of processing business licenses, maintain business filings and many other business services. Yet California’s time to process claims takes far longer than other states. With California’s business climate highly regarded as one of the worst in the nation, we can’t allow bureaucracy to prevent our small businesses from opening. We must streamline our processes.


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